Tiny House Collaborative workshops bring a dynamic range of tiny house experience and knowledge to you — something that can’t be found anywhere else!

Our workshops are different because we have team of instructors that span the United States from coast to coast. We aren’t affiliated with a tiny house company, so we won’t push any products on you and we’ll always offer fair, third-party assessments of all tiny house ideas and techniques. We always limit workshop attendance to create an intimate weekend where you’ll enjoy educational presentations, interactive panel discussions, hands-on design exercises, tiny house tours, Q&A sessions and more!

Washington DC

March 18-19 –  Tiny House 101

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Portland, OR

April 10 – Community & Zoning – Info & Registration

Dallas, TX

April 22 & 23 – Tiny House Community Creation at EDTx

Info & Registration

Denver, CO

June 10-11  –  Tiny House 101

Info & Registration

June 12 – Community & Zoning – Info & Registration

Brattleboro, VT

September 1-2  –  Tiny House 101

Info & Registration

Northern California

October 7-8 –  Tiny House 101

Info & Registration

New Orleans, LA

November 11-12  –  Tiny House 101

Info & Registration

November 13 – Community & Zoning – Info & Registration

Community & Zoning Workshops

Come learn with us and explore opportunities for tiny house communities, regulation and legalization.

Tiny House Collaborative members have set up tiny house communities—and have worked with their municipalities to explore ways to address regulatory hurdles—in the Pacific Northwest, the Mid-Atlantic, and the South, so their knowledge covers multiple areas of the country!