Community & Zoning Workshop Tickets

Community & Zoning Workshop Tickets


Come learn with us and explore opportunities for tiny house communities, regulation and legalization.

Tiny House Collaborative members have set up tiny house communities—and have worked with their municipalities to explore ways to address regulatory hurdles—in the Pacific Northwest, the Mid-Atlantic, and the South, so their knowledge covers multiple areas of the country!

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Community & Zoning Workshop

  • Are you a tiny house enthusiast or builder interested in forming a tiny house community and wanting understanding the regulations that pertain to tiny homes?
  • Are you a landowner who would like to start a tiny house community and who wants to know what it would take to legally locate a tiny home on your property?
  • Are you a city official interested in learning more about tiny houses and their potential in cities and towns?

Join us for a half-day workshop on tiny house communities and zoning. All topics above will be covered during this comprehensive 4-hour workshop.

Topics Covered:
Your instructors from the Tiny House Collaborative will lead you through different models for:

  • How to form tiny house communities
  • How to look for available land
  • Zoning considerations
  • How to work with city officials and neighbors to set up a tiny house community responsibly
  • Building & Maintenance Code
  • Sanitation & Graywater
  • And much more!

The workshop will be held in beautiful locales around the country in conjunction with our 2-day Tiny House 101 workshop.

Additional Information

Date & Location

Portland, OR — April 10, Dallas, TX — April 22, Dallas, TX — April 23, Denver, CO — June 12, New Orleans, LA — November 13


Cancellation Policy: If an emergency arises and you are no longer able to attend, full refunds (minus service charge) will be given if you request to cancel at least 21 days prior to the event. In order to get an accurate head count for venue booking and participant resources, no refunds can be given within 3 weeks of the workshop start date.

Tiny House Collaborative reserves the right to cancel a workshop at any time if participant count is too low to cover workshop costs. Please arrange travel at your own risk until we send final confirmation that the workshop is a go.