The Tiny House Collaborative is an affiliation of designers, educators, and community advocates. We empower individuals and organizations to transform their communities and cities through innovative housing and lifestyle choices. We advance personal and collective resiliency by providing the resources to design, build and dwell efficiently.

2017 Workshops & Seminars – Get tickets!

Tiny House Collaborative workshops bring a dynamic range of tiny house experience and knowledge to you — something that can’t be found anywhere else!

Our workshops are different because we have team of instructors that span the United States from coast to coast. We aren’t affiliated with a tiny house company, so we won’t push any products on you and we’ll always offer fair, third-party assessments of all tiny house ideas and techniques. We always limit workshop attendance to create an intimate weekend where you’ll enjoy educational presentations, interactive panel discussions, hands-on design exercises, tiny house tours, Q&A sessions and more!

Washington DC

March 18-19 –  Tiny House 101

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Portland, OR

April 10 – Community & Zoning

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Dallas, TX

April 22 & 23 – Tiny House Community Creation at EDTx

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Denver, CO

June 10-11  –  Tiny House 101
June 12 – Community & Zoning

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New Orleans, LA

November 11-12  –  Tiny House 101

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November 13 – Community & Zoning

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Our Team

Our core team is comprised of 3 individuals, each passionate about providing the resources to design, build and dwell efficiently.

Our tiny house experience spans the United States — from California and Oregon, Minnesota and Texas, to Washington DC and Florida. Many of us designed and built our own tiny houses — a majority of us live full-time in tiny houses right now.

Join us for a weekend or just an hour, and let us share with you all that we have learned about tiny houses and what it takes to lead a successful and happy life in a smart, human-sized dwelling of your own.

Lee Pera

B.A. Norrgard

Alek Lisefski

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Have Tiny House Questions?

You have specific questions for your particular situation and we’re looking forward to helping you find the answers. A one-on-one consultation by phone or skype can save you time, money, and frustration. We do on-site consultations and home tours too!

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